Adakah anda mahu berjaya di dalam bisnes Vemma?

Dah tentulah kan ..semuanya join Vemma untuk berjaya. Hanya yang takut sahaja tidak akan berbuat apa2 kerana takut gagal. Ini bermakna seseorang itu sudah berfikir untuk gagal.. Hanya orang yang berfikir untuk berjaya sahaja yang berani bertindak kerana… fikiran seseorang untuk berjaya akan membawa dirinya membuat tindakan2 ke arah kejayaan..

Ok post kali ni CD nak share tentang Tip2 kejayaan yang CD dapat secara FREE oleh Ted Nuyten, pemilik blog . Beliau telah menemuramah beberapa Jutawan-Jutawan MLM untuk mendapatkan nasihat terbaik untuk dikongsikan kepada kita semua agar kita berjaya memperoleh kejayaan yang gilang gemilang. Jom kita baca apakah tip2 dari mereka yang telah berjaya..

Onyx Coale: Master the skill of Inviting. This is the single MOST important activity in the MLM business. When you master this skill, NO one will be able to stop your business from exploding!!!

Ruth and Jeff Elliott: Take it seriously. Look at people’s momentum and let them know you are exited. The longer you are in the business the more you learn. This is not a hobby; if you want to create a full-time income take action!

John Sachtouras:  My first suggestion would be to write all the reasons why they want to be part of an MLM company.  Write all the goals and dreams and gather as many pictures as possible regarding the goals to create the “Dream Book”, which they need to look at it every day. This is the most important part. This is the fuel for their self-motivation.

Then they should create a plan of action and work the plan every day, with a clear focus of the end results. They should take massive action and participate in every training event of their company. They should NEVER listen to negative people, especially those who don’t have what they want to accomplish.  If they want to become wealthy they must listen and copy only the wealthy people and learn from them.

Robert Hollis: You need to have a mentor! Who is your personal coach! All professions have them you NEED to find one! Now be very coachable do what they do and don’t question what they do! Focus on getting better a small percentage everyday you just need to get better don’t compare yourself with any one!

Tom Alkazin: Never, never, never give up on your DREAMS!  Your “why” or what you want this industry to do for you and your family is the ONLY thing that will sustain you! Guard it and protect it! And then go and stay plugged in to your up-line leadership and do something positive EVERYDAY to advance your business!

Ken Porter: I believe personal development is an important key in having success in MLM. Find a mentor who has what you want and follow him or her to the finish line.

Matt Morris: Consider this business a profession just like becoming a doctor or a lawyer. There will be a learning curve and it may not be easy, but if there is anything worth getting good at, it’s this. Nowhere else can you make this kind of money, have this kind of time freedom, and help this many people change their life. Commit to learning the art and science of network marketing like a doctor has to learn medicine. Read everything you can on network marketing, communication skills, leadership and mindset.

Tara Wilson: Love to train, motivate and build leaders. Become students of the Direct Selling industry, be the change you wish to see in the world.

To The Top Together,

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