With so many HDB flats or BTO flats available for sale that you can search from PropertyGuru, it is no wonder that the property investment market has been hot. More people are jumping into the property investment bandwagon. However, buying a resale HDB flat or a BTO flat can be unaffordable to certain people, especially young working adults who have just started working. Fret not, you can always choose to renovate your current house to beautify it and sell it later. But before you start renovating your house, there are some home renovation mistakes that you should avoid.

1. Paint combinations with no theme
Getting the right paint combination that suits your house theme is important. We understand that everyone has different preferences on their preferable color scheme. But selecting the right color combination might be tough. You can always visit Pinterest to get some ideas on the paint combination that is suitable for your house.

2. Shaggy carpets and rugs
With so many varieties of colors for carpets and rugs, shaggy rugs can feel cozy and look nice at the same time. However, do bear in mind that the dirt that will be trapped inside your shaggy rugs. In addition, these rugs will shed. Just like a dog. If you loathe cleaning, getting a shaggy rug is definitely not recommended.

3. Marble countertops
Marble countertops might look pleasant to the eyes, but it is very easy to get stains and scratches. Many homeowners with marble countertops will tell you that they regret getting a marble countertop due to the high maintenance of it. The stains and scratches that you get is faster than you finish cooking your meal. You could always consider getting a quartz countertop that is more durable and comes with same amount of choices.

4. Sofa with bright colors
Getting sofa with bright colors is a big no no as the design trends are constantly changing. Cushions, paint, curtains and wall arts can be changed easily if you plan to change the look or theme of your house, but a sofa will usually stay with you for a long time. Therefore, it is recommended to get a sofa with a neutral color such as grey, brown or black. Sofa with bright colors will definitely cause problems with matching the color scheme of your house.

5. Rushing
Most people rush on their renovation for their house. Rushing on your house renovation is a big mistake that one can commit. You need to know that a good renovation takes time to plan and carry out. Moreover, in case of any unplanned events, it will also take time to work on the hiccups and replan. Hence, it is advised to take your time to plan your renovation carefully.

6. Moving the furniture before the renovation is done
Do not move in your furniture if your renovation is not completed. If the painting work is not done yet, do not move in your furniture. If the flooring is still in progress, do not move in your furniture. If the fixed installations work and carpentry are not done yet, do not move in your furniture. This is because your furniture will be an obstacle and disturn the renovation progress. Your furniture will slow down the progress of renovation and prevent the renovation contractors to finish the renovation efficiently. In addition, would you want to risk having your furniture damaged or dirty from the renovatioin? Therefore, do plan ahead on your furniture deliveries in order to prevent getting your new furniture damaged.

7. Buying old furniture that needs reupholster
Buying used and old furniture that needs reupholster is not worth the money. You are actually adding more cost of reupholster to the already expensive used furniture. With the total amount you spent on buying the used furniture and cost of reupholster, you can definitely buy a brand new furniture elsewhere. Furthermore, the old furniture might also be bug ridden. It will be worse to only find out after you have spent on reupholstering the furniture.

That being said, it is recommended to go for new furniture. However, if you really like that particular furniture, you can still go for it. Just make sure you are careful when choosing. Make sure the furniture’s condition is good so that you do not need to spend more on reupholstering.

8. White carpet
We understand that white is a nice color and it will be a great match for most color scheme. However, getting a white carpet might not be the wisest choice made, as white carpet gets dirty easier as compared to carpets with darker colors. Unless you plan to clean your white carpets everyday or ban people from stepping on it, do not get white carpets for your house as it is really not a wise choice.

Many homeowners invest in costly renovations thinking that it would increase the value of their property investment. However, some investment may backfire and bring negative effect instead. For example, a swimming pool or water feature might also be a bad idea as not every owner wants a pool or water feature in their house due to high maintenance cost. It is definitely not an intelligent investment.  Therefore, do your research ahead on what is needed and prioritized in the property market before you do any renovations to your house.


  1. “Paint combinations with no theme”– I can totally relate! My folks want to have certain colors painted in our living room. How could I say yes to violet and brown!? HAHAHAHAHAHAH Anyways, great tips you have there. Cheers!

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